Event May 9, 2023

Fighting Enemies Foreign & Domestic: The Legacy of Angelo Codevilla

The late Dr. Codevilla was a longtime senior fellow of the Claremont Institute and the first person to truly understand the deep state, as well as the power and psychology of the ruling class.

"Fighting Enemies Foreign & Domestic" provided a unique opportunity to revisit the thoughts and writings of this legendary and far-seeing scholar and patriot.

Our panelists shared insights into Codevilla’s unique thoughts over a broad range of topics, from the trajectory of the CIA and FBI at home to how best to address Russia and China.

In addition to his work at the Claremont Institute and Boston University, Angelo Codevilla was a U.S. Foreign Service officer and served on President-elect Ronald Reagan’s 1980 transition team. As a staff member of the U.S. Senate’s Select Committee on Intelligence, he helped conduct oversight of intelligence agencies during the post-Watergate period.


2:30 p.m. - Doors open

2:45 p.m. - Remarks by Ryan P. Williams: The Legacy & Importance of Angelo Codevilla

3:15 p.m. - Panel: The Domestic Policy of Angelo Codevilla Ft. David Corbin, Steven F. Hayward, and Dan McCarthy

4:25 p.m. - 5-minute break

4:30 p.m. - Panel: The Foreign Policy of Angelo Codevilla Ft. David Goldman, Brian Kennedy, and J Michael Waller

5:40 p.m. - Program concludes

5:45 p.m. - 45-minute reception

When & Where

May 9, 2023
2:30 pm

Hillsdale College, Kirby Center 227 Massachusetts Ave NE Washington, DC 20002


  • Ryan Williams
  • Arthur Milikh
    Executive Director
  • Daniel McCarthy
  • David P. Goldman
    Washington Fellow
  • David Corbin
  • J Michael Waller
  • Steven Hayward
  • Brian Kennedy
  • Robert Reilly