Event October 29, 2021

Hill Staffer Conference

On October 29, 2021, around 30 Hill staffers came to learn from CAWL fellows about makeup of the reigning regime and how to fashion an effective conservative resistance. Different sessions discussed how to think about the economy, race, foreign policy, identity politics, and civil rights law. Staffer conferences represent an important way to building influence among the next generation of conservative leaders.

When & Where

October 29, 2021
12:00 am


  • Headshot of Arthur Milikh
    Arthur Milikh
  • Headshot of Joshua Mitchell
    Joshua Mitchell
  • Headshot of David Azerrad
    David Azerrad
  • Headshot of David P. Goldman
    David P. Goldman
  • Headshot of Michael Anton
    Michael Anton
  • Headshot of Jesse Merriam
    Jesse Merriam

Join us as we form a new Right and reclaim America's institutions.