Identity Politics

WATCH: Why Identity Politics Cannot Tolerate Free Speech

April 24, 2021

Arthur Milikh

Executive Director

Arthur Milikh, Director of the Center for the American Way of Life, joins Jan Jekielek on American Thought Leaders to discuss the real goal behind the criminalization of hate speech.

Read Arthur’s report on the future of hate speech criminalization here.


1:19 — How the conception of hate speech has evolved since the 1980s

4:07 — Critical race theory, identity politics, and hate speech laws

9:05 — Three reasons why we have freedom of speech

14:14 — Hate speech laws are a one way street

16:07 — Hate speech laws are ineffective in Europe

19:11 — Richard Delgado, civil rights movement, secularized religion

23:50 — The end game, how it interferes with the sciences and education

29:04 — How hate speech laws will be implemented

33:10 — What we can do before it’s too late

39:15 — Can the U.S. Constitution protect us?