Identity Politics

LISTEN: An End to Enervated Conservatism

April 27, 2021

Arthur Milikh

Executive Director

Arthur Milikh joins Mark Bauerlein at First Things to discuss the new ruling class and the regime-level struggle we find ourselves in today.


8:17 – What exactly is the purpose of our country?

9:00 – equal rule of law as genuine equality

9:23 – our country is no longer operating under equal rule of law

10:33 – the laws only apply to the law abiding middle class, the marginalized have more rights than white Americans

11:45 – what the term ‘identity politics’ means and why it’s a misnomer.

16:00 – Why corporations are OK with identity politics. Three groups: believers in tech world, people who are scared of NYT defamation & civil rights laws, and financial elites that want permanent change